The motive behind the creation of this series is to break the chains that bind us in life and be able to follow our heart´s vibrations. At this point, we eliminate the anxiety of the past and the future.  We reach inside ourselves in order to live our present, trusting that what will happen needs to happen at its precise moment.  It is very special for me as it will be part of my past, my present and my future. 

I hope you will take time to study the pictures, looking for visual clues that communicate feelings entrapped and overcoming.  Every photo captures an intimate experience within a large story of my life as a woman.  With this work I like to cross the line between art, narrative and portraiture.  I invite the viewer to bring their own experiences.

I used the light shinning through the window for the different position of the subject.  After, I started the photoshop process to create the image as I imagined it when I planned the series.

” Art is part of our hearts, the way we can express ourself and share it with the world.”    

– Gabriela Segura