This work is a narrative of feelings that combines our dreams and our nightmares.  Every person who suffers one or several of these conditions knows what I am talking about.  I represent our head as a black box, because I think when we pass through these situations, we are locked, but locked inside our mind.


We are in a black box.  The black is in our head.

We all have a different condition, but nobody cares.

Just you and I know what we live and nobody else feels what we feel every day.

Living with this condition is difficult -we don´t understand why.

We work so hard, but we always fail.

Supporting the weight of what lives inside us is weird, but we have to try.


The inspiration for each image came from many hours of study and investigation, plus interviews with people who suffer each condition shown in this series.

I want to honor people who fight against this daily and those who have won this battle.