The first thing we should understand is that with art we find the beauty inside us.  This beauty is not aesthetic, it could be strange or it could be different, but it does not have to be the beauty as we know it.

In this series I took many  pictures, studied many ideas and spend many hours building what I want to transmit.  The form of this work might seem weird, it will depend on how you view it.  You must close your eyes and dive into every image, the subject may be manifested in different forms.  In the first image you can see a shadow inside the eye.  It is our the spirit that will always be reflected throught our eyes.  The position of the eyes represent the perspective in which you can view life.  You will see different faces – the different ways you face life.  The last two images have different positions -the forms you can give to your world.  The colors, the tones and the textures are also important and all these elements work together to discover what is inside – beauty is not what we see, it is how we feel about an art piece.

The way we look at every moment of our lives is the way we will see our journey.  Every moment is a different story,a different event, a different tear and a different smile.  Art will help you to see beyond your physical eyes.

“ Do you like the images?  Are they beautiful?

Well, it will depend on the eyes with which you see it.”

– Gabriela Segura