One of the first things I would like to clarify about the pictures is that they portray a very personal relationship. They represent fundamental elements of my own self that are clearly seen within the character. There is a sense of abstraction or lack of clarity that arises from my own difficulty to understand aspects of myself.

The mirror represents what has been lived, a reflection of the past of that woman, and all of her lost hopes. The woman tries harder to look at herself through the mirror, to get to know herself better and understand certain things that are unknown.

The hands transmit clear pain, as if something has broken. The woman tries to grasp at something that is leaving or something that is gone. The situation or circumstance is too much, and the character cannot take it any longer.

In the picture with the framed mirror and the rings placed next to the lipstick, the sexuality of the character is explored. The rings represent the open opportunities, as well as the hidden narrations or stories of the couple. The frame defines the limit that is always present, but the mirror’s reflection comes to show that there is freedom somewhere, even if it is merely a reflection.

There is an overall theme of loss and re-encounter. What was lost is being searched for. Shapes throughout the pictures bring about another set of themes and ideas.

That woman is me.