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In my work, everything starts in my head and my heart. Any moment or thing can be a source of inspiration for my creative process.

Once I have the idea inside of me, I start to draw a picture, write about the idea and what I’m going to need. Sometimes I don’t need anything more than an old dress and a cloth, other times a path, a tree. It all depends on what I imagined.

Then comes the image take; I usually take several shots, and with these, my editing work begins. In editing, I give shape and color to my image, just as I had designed it.

It is wonderful how little by little the image in my head comes true, and I can see with my eyes what I had seen with my soul.

Licensing fees begins at $200 for non exclusive contracts (existing works). Please use contact page to describe your project.

You may commission original artwork through collaboration or bring your own idea. You could have photographic art for your photo shoots, books, and more.

Commission works begin at $70 per image.  Pricing is dependent on the details we add and the editing time.

Please use contact page for free consultation. 

Prints on elegance velvet fine art paper or canvas

Limited Editions

Please use contact page for information

Thank you for trusting in my work


San José, Costa Rica

+(506) 8343 2017

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