This series begins in my imagination and is born of the vulnerability of beings to different adversities.

You will see the contrast bewteen the first and the last image. In the first one you see a sad and vulnerable being and in the last one you see a strong being, firm and bright.

It is a personal awareness where the consciousness is its very essence. The series presents a route where there is no consciousness at the beginning and then the existential emptiness takes you on this new journey.

It is part of a wonderful work, thought and felt for a long time, where imagination is put into physical. It represents a world for all beings -full of difficulties and struggles. It manages to redefine, reinvent and overcome.

This work consists of three parts: a dark stage, a stage of transition, and a stage of hope and struggle. In my heart the different shades personify the Mother Earth, the animals, the sea, the trees, and human beings regardless of their age or gender. Why do I represent all of them with a woman? All these images are self-portraits and I want to make my body move as my mind imagines the subject.

Art helps us to personify what we envison, grasp the imaginary and transmit our thoughts.

As Hugo Von Hofmannsthal said “Only artists and children see life as it is”